WPGMHA Winter Season 2021

The WPGMHA wishes to develop and explain team roles and responsibilities for the 2021 Winter Season.  Members, must be able to understand their role and the roles of other team members for the 2021 Winter league.

  1. The Grand Masters Winter League will consist of five (5) selected teams with matches scheduled on Monday evenings at the WPCC – “B” field.
  2. Teams will play in colour’s of the South African flag– namely red, white, blue, yellow and black. Hopefully when we get to a sixth team, green will be included.
  3. Four teams will play each Monday, with the fifth team having a bye. Match one 18h30 to 19h30 and match two 19h30 to 20h30. In this manner, by rotating the teams, each team will play eight (8) matches in a ten (10) week cycle. The season will be played in two halves with a total of twenty match days for the Winter league. Each team is scheduled to play sixteen (16) matches for the Winter league.
  4. Match results will be recorded and a league table published weekly. Points will be allocated as follows:- 3 points for a win and 1 for a drawn match. The winning team at the end of the Winter league will be awarded a trophy.
  5. Goal scorers will be recorded on a weekly basis. The top goal scorer at the end of the Winter league will be awarded a trophy.
  6. Each team shall have a captain, a coach and an administration coordinator.   Collectively they form the selection and management committee of their team.
  7. The coach defines the system and pattern of play and tactics in consultation with the captain.
  8. The captain controls all aspects of play, including player discipline, warmups, coaching plan implementation, short corners, bench movements and warm-downs.  Ideally, his voice should be the only one heard on the field.
  9. Team warm-ups should be done 20 minutes before the start of a game and take no longer than 10 minutes.   The remaining 10 minutes should be used for team talk and organization managed by the captain.
  10. Should a team be short of players for a match, that team administrator must either:
    • Recruit a ‘new’ player (i.e. unregistered with WPGMHA) who meets WPGMHA age requirements, or
    • Consult, in advance, with the team administrator of the ‘bye’ team.  The latter will arrange for fill-in players for the playing side.
  11. New players are encouraged.  Should a new player be recruited to a side, that team administrator must inform the relevant WPGMHA committee member (currently Chris Haley or Gary Barrett) as soon as is practically possible.
  12. Players playing in two matches of an evening is strongly discouraged.
  13. Umpires must be ready for the match on time, suitably attired and adequately prepared.  Matches must start on time.
  14. The WPGMHA code of conduct and the FIH hockey rules must be applied.  This includes the use of cards and awarding penalty flicks.
  15. Matches will be restricted to a maximum of 60 minutes (25minutes per half), as agreed with WPCC.
  16. The cost per 10 match cycle will be R480-00. Members are encouraged to pay by electronic fund transfer (EFT). A discount of one match will be given to members who elect to pay by this option (R420 payable).
  17. Players who fill in for another team, when their team has a bye, will be eligible to pay R60-00 per match. Money to be collected by that teams administrator.

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