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IPT Warmup Fixtures March 2022

Fixtures for the warm-up are:

Date Time Game Time Game
2022/02/28 18:30 (A-field) White (55+) v Blue (60+) 19:00 (B-field) Black (65+) v Red (70+)
2022/03/07 18:15 (B-field) Red (70+) v White (55+) 18:15 (A-field) Blue (60+) v Black (65+)
2022/03/14 18:30 (B-field) Black (65+) v White (55+) 19:30 (B-field) Red (70+) v Blue (60+)

Team managers:

Team Manager Team Manager
White (55+) Karl Luff Blue (60+) Stephen Kelly
Black (65+) Warren Hewitt Red (70+) Noreen Wonnacott

Update on 2022 AGM and IPT warmup games.


The Western Province Grand Masters AGM has been moved to the Monday 7 March. It will start after the warmup games for IPT have been played. These games will start 18:15 on 7 March 2022 simultaneously. See below for further information on the games.

Please find documents below:


Notice to change the constitution

WPGMHA Nomination form

WPGMHA Proxy form

If you want to attend (or send apologies) then reply to this email.

IPT Warmup games

IPT warmup games will begin Monday 28th Feb. We are busy finalising times and games. The proposal is that we play on both the A and B field. The one starting at 18:30 the other 19:00. This will give the physio time to warmup and cool down the players per field. Once we have finalised the time the fixtures will be published. The relevant managers will need to organise their teams and be there on the night to coach and manager their side.

All players that are not going to IPT but would like to have a run notify Gary at, who will allocate you to a team. We cannot guarantee that everyone not going gets a run but will try.

IPT Durban March 2022 Team Announcement

By now, you should be aware the 2022 IPT will be run from 25-27 March. Teams are now more or less finalised, with a few players still confirming availability. Below are the teams and those in the wings.

Please complete the attached tables and submit them to Noreen and the allocated team manager if you are attending. Team managers, please make sure you consolidate and submit to Noreen.

We are still keen to have at least 14 players per team, so if your situation has changed, please notify Karl or me at

IPT 55+ Team

Manager: Karl Luff


  Name Pref Post Alt Post Age
1.) Darren Bunker Link Half 54
2.) Ian Thomson Half Sweeper 54
3.) Neil van Blerk Forward Half 55
4.) Richard Wells Link Half 55
5.) Stephen Dugmore Link Forward 56
6.) Warren Machanik Half Half 57
7.) Leo Nolan (Captain) Link Forward 58
8.) Peter Kratz Half Sweeper 59
9.) Mike van der Merwe Goals Goals 54
10.) Clinton Brown Link Forward 58
11.) Alan Isaacs Link Link 55

Awaiting Confirmation

Name Pref Post
Vinnie Orchard Link
Shaun Bougard Link
Haiko Alfeld Half
Gary Barrett Half

IPT 60+ Team

Manager: Stephen Kelly


  Name Nickname Pref Post Alt Post Age
1.) Matthew Holt Matt Half Sweeper 60
2.) Grant Irlam Silky Half Sweeper 61
3.) Tony Barbour   Link Forward 61
4.) Mark Delbridge Mark Half Link 62
5.) Guy Jenkins Naas Forward Half 63
6.) Brian Alcock (Captain) Briano Half Forward 64
7.) Dereck Marnewick Twiggy Sweeper Link 64
8.) Dereck McMahon   Goals   60
9.) Moir Scholtz   Link   60
10.) Greeff Mike   Link   61
11.) Bobrow Louis   Link   65
12.) Frayne Gary   Half   61

Awaiting Confirmation

Name Nickname
Leigh Holloway  
Eion Jacobs Sweeper


IPT 65+ Team

Manager: Warren Hewitt


  Name Nickname Pref Post Alt Post Age
1.) Fanie Steffens   Half Sweeper 65
2.) John Masters   Link Half 65
3.) Trevor Knight (Cpt.) Noddy Half Link 65
4.) Robert Baigrie Bob Link Half 66
5.) Peter Shardlow   Half Link 67
6.) Chris Haley   Forward Link 68
7.) Gabriël de Vos Smit Riel Sweeper Half 69
8.) Glyn Bedford Curly Forward   67
9.) John Shardlow Shards Half   70
10.) Daniel St Dare Danny Link Forward 70
11.) Robbie Gracie  Robbie Goals   64
12.) John Donald Jd Link Half 71
13.) Robert Freeman Bob Half Forward 72
14.) Lindsay Halkett Jiggers Link   69

IPT 70+ Team

Manager: Noreen Wonnacott


  Name Nickname Pref Post Alt Post Age
1.) Aitchison Adrian Aitch Link Forward 70
2.) Edmund Fisher Fish Half Link 70
3.) Mike Dalton Mike Half Link 74
4.) Rodney Palmer Rod Half Sweeper 74
5.) Ian Richter   Goals   76
6.) Robert Birt Rob Forward Link 76
7.) Peter Wilson   Forward   78
8.) May John   Half   74
9.) Commin Robert Bob Forward   74
10.) Rutherfoord Cliff   Half   78
11.) Okeeffe Mike   Forward   81
12.) Peter Redfearn   Forward    

Form to complete and submit

SAGMHA IPT Durban 25 – 27 March 2022 (venue and details)

Herewith an invitation and update for the SAGMHA IPT 2022


The tournament will be held at the RIVERSIDE Astro with NORTHWOOD SCHOOLS Astro, DANVILLE GIRLS Astro possibly hosting some games.

The Riverside, Northwood and Danville Girls Astro’s are in the Durban North Area.

Travel time from King Shaka International airport to Riverside Sports / Riverside Hotel / Blue Waters Hotel is approximately 40 minutes.
LEVY: R530.00 per player (for the comp)


This we will only be able to finalise once we have confirmation of the number of teams taking part in the Tournament. Please confirm all teams taking part by the end of January 2022. We anticipate Friday matches to commence at 13:00. Final matches to be completed by 13:00 on Sunday.

Thanks very much to Greg Dawson for having confirmed 1 x Men’s 65 team from the EP region, and Alan Nieuwenhuyzen of SA Alliance for confirming Ladies 55+ and Men’s 60+ teams.

SAGMHA AGM: To be held on SATURDAY at Riverside: time to be confirmed.


 FRIDAY – Free evening.
 SATURDAY – Dinner at Riverside.


Players selected for the World Cup will be advised of a camp, this will be held on 24 / 25 March 2022 at the Riverside Astro. Final WC squads will be announced Saturday 26 th March 2022 or Sunday 27 th March 2022.


1. Riverside Hotel – R1 400 per double room per night, breakfast included – booking reference is Grand Master Hockey – Riverside Hotel is 1.5 km from Riverside Sports
2. Blue Waters Hotel – R1 350 per double room per night, breakfast included – booking reference is Grand Masters Hockey – Blue Waters Hotel is 6.5 km from Riverside Sports

For entries, please contact Shane Manicom

Cell: 0834027964 or

Summer league payment, capitation fee and IPT reminder

It was great to resume the Grand Masters Summer League last Thursday. The game this week will be the final catchup game from last year.

Summer league payment

With the second half of the league starting 27 Jan 2022, we request that all members pay for the league via EFT upfront. Also, since this is a new year, the capitation fee is due.

As per the GM constitution:

“Capitation Fee: Players in the 60+ and older age group are required to pay their annual capitation fee of R330 while players in the 55+ age group pay R110.00 capitation fee. These fees are then paid directly to their Provinces. Players in the +75 age category are exempted from paying capitation fees.”

Hence, if you are between 60 and 75 as of 31 Dec 2022, you need to pay the R330 now. If you are less than 60 as of 31 Dec 2022, the fee is R110. 75 or older as of 21 Dec 2022, no fee.

Please pay the capitation fee and the R220 for the league as soon as you can. Email Noreen Wonnacott at proof of payment.

Note about team selection

All team managers, please note the rule for using players from other teams to ensure you have a squad on the park.

The rule is simple—age for age, position for position. So, a player can only replace a player that is close to the player’s age that is not available.

Additional Note: Regular players take preference over players that only play when available.

IPT reminder

By evening of 16 Jan, I have only received 29 responses about availability for IPT 29 out of 91 members is disappointing, to say the least. To those 29, I say thanks. To the other 62 of you, and you should know who you are, please email with the subject: “Durban IPT March 2022” with a simple Yes or No.

PS. All 55 or older (by 31 Dec 2022) qualify for IPT in Durban selection; we can apply for dispensation if you are 54 or younger and are keen anyway.

PPS. IPT dates are also 25-27 March 2022; unless you are in the World Cup squad, then you need to be there the morning of the 24th or apply for dispensation.

Durban IPT March 2022

Date of IPT: 25-27 March 2022. (WRC squad members be there the evening of 23 March).

Call for players

We are very keen to have as many players representing Western Province as possible. If you were born in or before 1967, you are eligible. If you were born before 1967 and are still keen, we can apply for dispensation for you.

Once we have a list of who is available, we will select teams.

What do you need to do?

What we need from you before Sat 22 January is email with the subject list Durban IPT March 2022 and give us your answer of Yes or No. Or click Either Here… and add Yes or No to the body of the message.

WRC squad members

You need to be in Durban on the evening of March 23, 2022. If you are in the squad and cannot attend IPT, you must apply for dispensation. To do so, email

Breaking News Durban Camp One and IPT2022 moves to 24 To 27 March 2022

After consultation with KZN and due to the following circumstances, the IPT 2022 has been postponed from February 2022 to March 2022:

  • The threat of a fourth wave of COVID is generally expected mid-December 2021 and the potential adverse effect on a few players’ February IPT2022 and overseas travel arrangements.
  • SA Masters hockey has arranged a final selection camp and trials for 18,19, and 20 February 2022, which may adversely affect the SAGMHA IPT.
  • The potential Covid threat may also result in a postponement of the SA Masters final selection camp and trials; hence, the “early bird catches the worm.”
  • The February 2022 IPT would require non-scheduling of games from 10:00hrs until 12:00hrs x 3 or 4 Astro’s due to the heat. This will also negate and influence the previous 1-5 day planned Camp and also contribute to additional costs for Astro rentals.
  • The postponement permits additional time for players to “attain” and improve their fitness.
  • The long week-end prior to the latest date was considered, but flights and accommodation are at a premium, and Durban is not the “best” place to visit on a long week-end.

WMH will be informed of a potential short delay regarding the registration of WC 2022 teams.

SAGM Hockey will still be able to procure kit.

From communication from SAGM Hockey

SAGMHA IPT Durban 25 – 27 Feb 2022


8th November 2021

Good day

Herewith an invitation to submit your team entries for the SAGMHA IPT 2022

VENUE: the tournament is likely to be held at the RIVERSIDE Astro with NORTHWOOD SCHOOLS Astro, QUEENSMEAD and THREE SCHOOLS ASTRO’s possibly hosting some games.

Three Schools Astro is approximately 2km from Queensmead, whilst the Riverside and Northwood Astro’s are in the Durban North Area.

LEVY: R530.00 per player

PROVISIONAL FIXTURES PROGRAM: We are still debating this aspect of our tournament. We have extreme heat and humidity in Durban in February and March. We would like fixtures to take place as early as possible in the mornings. Planning will depend on the number of teams involved. Should we need to we may schedule fixtures early in the morning and in the evening. Hopefully no games at the hottest time of the day. More details will be provided closer to tournament date.

SAGMHA AGM: To be held SATURDAY at Riverside: time to be confirmed once fixtures finalised


  • FRIDAY – There will be a braai, likely to be held at Riverside. Costs related to the dinner have been included in the Levy.
  • SATURDAY – Possibly be a free evening. This is still being discussed, we will provide an update in the next newsletter.

Note: Players selected for the World Cup will be advised of a camp, this will be held on 24 / 25 February 2022.

Final WC squads will be announced Sunday 27 Feb, as soon after the final fixtures as possible.

For entries, please contact      Shane Manicom
Cell: 0834027964 or

Kind regards
Shane Manicom
KZNGM Playing Affairs