WPGM Hockey Announcement 5 Aug 2021

Dear Members,

We are delighted to be back and playing hockey again.

The WPHU Council met last night where some concerns were raised about the level of infections in the Western Cape currently and so I thought it appropriate to reinforce the COVID protocols in place:

  • Firstly, if you are not feeling well, please do not attend practice or arrive for your game. Communicate with your coach
  • Always arrive and leave wearing your mask and sign the COVID register
  • NO SPECTATORS are allowed under any circumstances and this is likely to be policed with fines
  • There is no obligation to play or practice. If you feel unsafe or at risk from COVID then please stay away from hockey. It is your choice and will not be held against you
  • Where possible, arrive, play and leave. This is to be encouraged
  • Showering and socializing in the pub is to be discouraged until we are over the third wave but it is a personal choice
  • If you do go to the pub, try to keep your distance and sit outside where possible

I believe that it should not be committees advising us/ you whether to play or not, rather it is becoming a personal choice as COVID is likely to be around for a long time and we all want to continue playing the sport we love.

From the results of the survey, WPGMHA players is almost 90% vaccinated and I feel it safer playing outside, than going to the supermarket. I trust I can rely on all of you to work together to keep our hockey safe.

On another topic, it has been noted that more cards than normal have been issued in the first half of the season. All players are asked to please play in the spirit of the game and accept the umpires decisions.

Good luck with the second half of the season – please play in the spirit of WPGMHA and the game!

Kind Regards

Karl Luff


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