Summer league payment, capitation fee and IPT reminder

It was great to resume the Grand Masters Summer League last Thursday. The game this week will be the final catchup game from last year.

Summer league payment

With the second half of the league starting 27 Jan 2022, we request that all members pay for the league via EFT upfront. Also, since this is a new year, the capitation fee is due.

As per the GM constitution:

“Capitation Fee: Players in the 60+ and older age group are required to pay their annual capitation fee of R330 while players in the 55+ age group pay R110.00 capitation fee. These fees are then paid directly to their Provinces. Players in the +75 age category are exempted from paying capitation fees.”

Hence, if you are between 60 and 75 as of 31 Dec 2022, you need to pay the R330 now. If you are less than 60 as of 31 Dec 2022, the fee is R110. 75 or older as of 21 Dec 2022, no fee.

Please pay the capitation fee and the R220 for the league as soon as you can. Email Noreen Wonnacott at proof of payment.

Note about team selection

All team managers, please note the rule for using players from other teams to ensure you have a squad on the park.

The rule is simple—age for age, position for position. So, a player can only replace a player that is close to the player’s age that is not available.

Additional Note: Regular players take preference over players that only play when available.

IPT reminder

By evening of 16 Jan, I have only received 29 responses about availability for IPT 29 out of 91 members is disappointing, to say the least. To those 29, I say thanks. To the other 62 of you, and you should know who you are, please email with the subject: “Durban IPT March 2022” with a simple Yes or No.

PS. All 55 or older (by 31 Dec 2022) qualify for IPT in Durban selection; we can apply for dispensation if you are 54 or younger and are keen anyway.

PPS. IPT dates are also 25-27 March 2022; unless you are in the World Cup squad, then you need to be there the morning of the 24th or apply for dispensation.

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