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Summer league payment, capitation fee and IPT reminder

It was great to resume the Grand Masters Summer League last Thursday. The game this week will be the final catchup game from last year.

Summer league payment

With the second half of the league starting 27 Jan 2022, we request that all members pay for the league via EFT upfront. Also, since this is a new year, the capitation fee is due.

As per the GM constitution:

“Capitation Fee: Players in the 60+ and older age group are required to pay their annual capitation fee of R330 while players in the 55+ age group pay R110.00 capitation fee. These fees are then paid directly to their Provinces. Players in the +75 age category are exempted from paying capitation fees.”

Hence, if you are between 60 and 75 as of 31 Dec 2022, you need to pay the R330 now. If you are less than 60 as of 31 Dec 2022, the fee is R110. 75 or older as of 21 Dec 2022, no fee.

Please pay the capitation fee and the R220 for the league as soon as you can. Email Noreen Wonnacott at proof of payment.

Note about team selection

All team managers, please note the rule for using players from other teams to ensure you have a squad on the park.

The rule is simple—age for age, position for position. So, a player can only replace a player that is close to the player’s age that is not available.

Additional Note: Regular players take preference over players that only play when available.

IPT reminder

By evening of 16 Jan, I have only received 29 responses about availability for IPT 29 out of 91 members is disappointing, to say the least. To those 29, I say thanks. To the other 62 of you, and you should know who you are, please email with the subject: “Durban IPT March 2022” with a simple Yes or No.

PS. All 55 or older (by 31 Dec 2022) qualify for IPT in Durban selection; we can apply for dispensation if you are 54 or younger and are keen anyway.

PPS. IPT dates are also 25-27 March 2022; unless you are in the World Cup squad, then you need to be there the morning of the 24th or apply for dispensation.

Resumption and extension of WPGM Hockey League Summer 2021-22

With what looks like the worst of the fourth wave of Covid-19 behind us, we are looking forward to resuming the Western Province Grand Masters Hockey League.

As we had two cancelled games at the end of last year, these will be carried forward to this year. After those games, a second round of the games will follow. The fixtures for these games are published on the website (and below).

Giving us only March to prepare for IPT in Durban, end of March 2022.

Here is a summary of the league fixtures Jan – Feb 2022:

Date 18:30 19:30 Bye
2022/01/13 White v Blue Black v Yellow Red
2022/01/20 Red v Black Yellow v White Blue
2022/01/27 Yellow v Red Blue v Black White
2022/02/03 Black v White Red v Blue Yellow
2022/02/10 Blue v Yellow White v Red Black
2022/02/17 White v Blue Black v Yellow Red
2022/02/24 Red v Black Yellow v White Blue

WPGMHA – 2021 AGM Notice, Committee Nomination AND Notice of Change to the Constitution

The 2021 AGM will be held at WPCC 2 December 2021. The games for the night have been organised such that we all play together (except the Red team, who will have a bye). The games start at 18:15. The AGM will begin 19:45, after which there will be boerewors rolls served as an end of season celebration.

Please find below, the notice of AGM, a nomination form and changes to the constitution.

GM Summer League Nov-Dec 2021 and updates

5-week league

A short summer league for Grand Masters commences 4 Nov. The last fixture in this league will be 2 Dec. As before, there are 5 teams and 4 play each week, and one has a bye. Teams and fixtures are listed below and also on the website

Costs! It really helps with the admin if people pay upfront. Thanks to all who do this. If you pay upfront for the 4 games, you pay R220, and if you fill in for a team on a day they have a bye, you do not pay for that game. Otherwise, for those that still prefer to pay per game, the rate is R60 per game. Please make sure you retain the proof of payment for per game payment to track it.

Banking details

Account Name: WPGMHA
Bank: FNB
Branch: Pinelands 260 209
Acc No: 62 665 180362
Type: Current

Reference: Your full name


The 2022 IPT is on 25-27 Feb 2022, in Durban. All those selected for the GM World Cup Squads will be required to be at a camp on the morning of 24 Feb 2022, and it is compulsory to attend if you want to be selected. We will be sending out an availability request for IPT next week, and we will need an answer by 15 Nov so that teams can be chosen.

IPT Preparation

As the IPT is early next year, this means the second half of the GM summer league will be dedicated to preparation for the IPT in Durban.

Training will commence Sun 9 Jan. All selected squad members it is compulsory to attend all sessions. Those selected for IPT are to ensure they keep the Sundays from 9 Jan onwards open.

Committee nominations

The AGM will be in early December. Date to be finalised. The committee has all agreed to stay on. However, we are looking for nominations for committee members. The nomination form is attached. If there is anyone you want to nominate, please complete the form and submit it to



Date 18:30 19:30 Bye
04-Nov Yellow v Red Black v Blue White
11-Nov Black v White Blue v Red Yellow
18-Nov Blue v Yellow White v Red Black
25-Nov (moved to 9 Dec) Black  v Red White v Yellow Blue
02-Dec White v Blue (moved to 18:15, B field) Black v Yellow ( (moved to 18:15, A field) Red



Note on the Goalies. John Cadman is available if required, and we have 3 permanent keepers who will have to play most games. If John is available, then it means one Keeper takes a break. You will see that the Keepers are assigned to multiple teams.


1Derek McMahonBlackGoals
2John CadmanBlueGoals
3Karl LuffBlueGoals
4Michael Van Der MerweWhiteGoals


1Deon MaartWhiteHalf, Sweeper
2Dereck MarnewickYellowLink, Sweeper
3Fanie SteffensRedHalf, Sweeper
4Glenn TurnerRedHalf, Sweeper
5Grant IrlamWhiteHalf, Sweeper
6Michael HumbyBlueHalf, Sweeper
7Mike CopelandBlackHalf, Sweeper
8Peter KratzWhiteHalf, Sweeper
9Rodney PalmerBlueHalf, Sweeper
10Steve ShermanBlackHalf, Sweeper
11Tony HuggettRedSweeper


1Adrian AitchisonBlackForward, Link
2Bjorn KesslerBlackForward, Link
3Brian GoemansBlueHalf, Link
4Chris HaleyBlueForward, Link
5Colin De la HarpeYellowForward, Link
6Daniel St DareWhiteForward, Link
7Darren BunkerRedHalf, Link
8Dereck MarnewickYellowLink, Sweeper
9Edmund FisherRedHalf, Link
10Eion JacobsBlueHalf, Link
11Gary BarrettWhiteHalf, Link
12Gary FrayneWhiteForward, Link
13Grant MunroRedForward, Link
14Haiko AlfeldRedHalf, Link
15Jan TaljaardYellowForward, Link
16John DonaldRedHalf, Link
17John MastersYellowHalf, Link
18John MayBlackHalf, Link
19John ShardlowBlueLink
20Leo NolanBlueForward, Link
21Lindsay HalkettWhiteLink
22Louis BobrowRedHalf, Link
23Luc Van der HofstadtBlackForward, Link
24Mark DelbridgeYellowHalf, Link
25Martin DuysBlackHalf, Link
26Michael de VilliersBlackForward, Link
27Mike DaltonBlueHalf, Link
28Moir ScholtzWhiteHalf, Link
29Neil LavinYellowForward, Link
30Niall McKrillWhiteForward, Link
31Nicholas MossopRedHalf, Link
32Peter ShardlowBlackHalf, Link
33Richard WellsBlackHalf, Link
34Robert BaigrieYellowHalf, Link
35Robert BirtRedForward, Link
36Robert ComminYellowForward, Link
37Shaun BougardYellowLink
38Stephen DugmoreBlueForward, Link
39Stephen UeckermannYellowHalf, Link
40Tony BarbourRedForward, Link
41Trevor KnightBlueHalf, Link
42Vinnie OrchardYellowForward, Link


1Allan IsaacsYellowForward, Half
2Brian AlcockBlackForward, Half
3Brian GoemansBlueHalf, Link
4Clifford RutherfoordYellowHalf
5Clinton BrownBlackForward, Half
6Darren BunkerRedHalf, Link
7Deon MaartWhiteHalf, Sweeper
8Edmund FisherRedHalf, Link
9Eion JacobsBlueHalf, Link
10Fanie SteffensRedHalf, Sweeper
11Frank AspelingWhiteForward, Half
12Gary BarrettWhiteHalf, Link
13George FrostWhiteHalf
14Glenn TurnerRedHalf, Sweeper
15Grant IrlamWhiteHalf, Sweeper
16Guy JenkinsRedForward, Half
17Haiko AlfeldRedHalf, Link
18Ian DonaldWhiteForward, Half
19John DonaldRedHalf, Link
20John MastersYellowHalf, Link
21John MayBlackHalf, Link
22Lance SchkolneBlueForward, Half
23Louis BobrowRedHalf, Link
24Mark DelbridgeYellowHalf, Link
25Martin DuysBlackHalf, Link
26Michael HumbyBlueHalf, Sweeper
27Mike CopelandBlackHalf, Sweeper
28Mike DaltonBlueHalf, Link
29Moir ScholtzWhiteHalf, Link
30Neil van BlerkBlueForward, Half
31Nicholas MossopRedHalf, Link
32Peter KratzWhiteHalf, Sweeper
33Peter ShardlowBlackHalf, Link
34Richard WellsBlackHalf, Link
35Robert BaigrieYellowHalf, Link
36Robert FreemanBlackForward, Half
37Rodney PalmerBlueHalf, Sweeper
38Stephen UeckermannYellowHalf, Link
39Steve ShermanBlackHalf, Sweeper
40Trevor KnightBlueHalf, Link
41Warren MachanikBlueHalf


1Adrian AitchisonBlackForward, Link
2Allan IsaacsYellowForward, Half
3Bjorn KesslerBlackForward, Link
4Brian AlcockBlackForward, Half
5Chris HaleyBlueForward, Link
6Clinton BrownBlackForward, Half
7Colin De la HarpeYellowForward, Link
8Daniel St DareWhiteForward, Link
9Dave McKechnieWhiteForward
10Frank AspelingWhiteForward, Half
11Gary FrayneWhiteForward, Link
12Glyn BedfordRedForward
13Grant MunroRedForward, Link
14Guy JenkinsRedForward, Half
15Ian DonaldWhiteForward, Half
16Jan TaljaardYellowForward, Link
17Lance SchkolneBlueForward, Half
18Leo NolanBlueForward, Link
19Leon LateganBlackForward
20Luc Van der HofstadtBlackForward, Link
21Michael de VilliersBlackForward, Link
22Mike O’KeeffeWhiteForward
23Neil LavinYellowForward, Link
24Neil van BlerkBlueForward, Half
25Niall McKrillWhiteForward, Link
26Peter WilsonBlueForward
27Robert BirtRedForward, Link
28Robert ComminYellowForward, Link
29Robert FreemanBlackForward, Half
30Stephen DugmoreBlueForward, Link
31Tony BarbourRedForward, Link
32Tony Van de BoutYellowForward
33Vinnie OrchardYellowForward, Link